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The New Stack | Why Serverless vs. Kubernetes Isn't a Real Debate

Publication: The New Stack Title: Why Serverless vs. Kubernetes Isn’t a Real Debate Author: David Simmons Abstract: In this article, published by The New Stack, InfluxData IoT Developer Evangelist David Simmons shows why successfully deploying Kubernetes or serverless alternatives depends on knowing when...

NewsFeed | 4 open source monitoring tools

Publication: Title: 4 open source monitoring tools Author: Dan Barker Abstract: In this article, Dan Barker discusses time series data and metrics aggregation tools. He begins by noting the confusion, caused by the terminology around monitoring in recent years, which led...


Power | Why Open Source Works for the Renewable Energy Sector

Publication: Power ( Title: Why Open Source Works for the Renewable Energy Sector Author: Chris Churilo Abstract: In this Power magazine article, InfluxData Director of Product Marketing Chris Churilo discusses how scalable software solutions built with open-source tools are contributing to...


DZone | Learning Go With the InfluxDB Go Library

Publication: DZone Title: Learning Go With the InfluxDB Go Library Author: David G. Simmons Abstract: This article, published by DZone and written by Senior IoT Developer Evangelist at InfluxData David Simmons, shows how to translate C to Go with the InfluxDB...

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