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DZone | Monitoring Kubernetes Architecture

Publication: DZone Title: Monitoring Kubernetes Architecture Author: Gianluca Arbezzano Abstract: Written by InfluxData Site Reliability Engineer Gianluca Arbezzano, this DZone article titled “Monitoring Kubernetes Architecture” discusses how to gain visibility into your clusters by setting up effective monitoring with Telegraf in...


Forbes | Marketing in the Age of Instrumentation

Publication: Forbes Title: Marketing In The Age Of Instrumentation Author: Mark Herring Abstract: Written by InfluxData CMO Mark Herring and published by Forbes on 4/2/2018, this article introduces the ways in which marketingand the measurement of marketing impacthave evolved in the age...

Mark Herring

InfluxData Announces Go Language Implementation Contribution to Apache Arrow; Supports Efforts of The Apache Software Foundation

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dan Spalding, InfluxData 408-960-9297 | [email protected] Company Delivers First Go Implementation for Apache Arrow to Increase Performance against Analytics Workloads and Broaden Integration of Arrow-enabled Systems SAN FRANCISCO  — March 22, 2018 — InfluxData, the...

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