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Schema Queries in IFQL

InfluxQL facilitates schema exploration via a number of meta queries, which include SHOW MEASUREMENTS, SHOW TAG KEYS, SHOW TAG VALUES and SHOW FIELD KEYS. IFQL has united these concepts, such that schema is made up of tags keys and values. This unification provides...

Announcing IFQL v0.0.4

We recently released v0.0.4 of IFQL (Influx Query Language). With the holidays at the end of the year, we were a little slow getting this release out. Going forward, we expect to release every two weeks. This release has some exciting developments, focused almost...

Announcing IFQL v0.0.3

The IFQL team releases a new version every two weeks. We want to get our changes into the hands of our community quickly so we can hear of your experiences early. Please submit issues and PRs on the repo. Check out the IFQL release announcement for details on the...
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