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Yukta Rakesh

An Influx(Data) of Insights!

This post was originally published on This summer I had the amazing opportunity to work at InfluxData on the Flux team as a software engineering intern. I worked closely with the team to tackle issues of the Flux language mainly...

Adam Anthony

Welcoming InfluxData's 2020 Interns

InfluxData has a history of hiring talented students into summer internships. We started hiring interns for software development in 2016 when we decided to hire some very talented students who were referred by full-time team members. At the time, we had...

Caitlin Croft

Where in the World is Flat Mark?

InfluxData has team members spread across the world and as a result, sometimes we travel to connect with team members. We all have varied backgrounds, embrace our differences and love working together to achieve our goals. Flat Mark is one of...

Evan Kaplan

InfluxData 2019 Year in Review

2019 was a great year for InfluxData. But before I get into the details, I need to emphasize that none of this was possible without the incredible open source community around InfluxDB, the customers that rely on our products, and the...

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