| DevOps Chat: Instrumentation with InfluxData's Evan Kaplan

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Publication: Title: DevOps Chat: Instrumentation with InfluxData’s Evan Kaplan Author: Alan Shimel

Abstract: In this article, Alan Shimel chats with InfluxData CEO Evan Kaplan. In his introduction, Shimel notes how “InfluxData is yet another success for Kaplan” and how “building on the open source InfluxDB, the company boasts more than 200,000 users of Influx today.” The interview addresses systems instrumentation and what big data and velocity mean for developers and everyone up the stack. Shimel covers Kaplan’s journey and how he met InfluxData founder and CTO Paul Dix; InfluxData’s rapid growth; instrumentation in modern software installs; what developers need; and the ops role. During the course of the interview, Kaplan also comments about the progression from instrumentation to observability to automation. Click the button to read the full coverage.

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