Discover InfluxDB on the Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public (Amazon ECR Public)

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We are excited to partner with AWS and announce the availability of InfluxDB on the new Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public announced this week at AWS re:Invent.

With this new registry, developers can now find their favorite open source products from within the AWS developer experience. At InfluxData, we believe it is important to bring our product — InfluxDB — to the platforms and ecosystems where our developers are building. And of course, many of our developers are building on AWS. With this move, we bring InfluxDB one step closer to the AWS ecosystem, as it is now discoverable and accessible from within the AWS console.

Serving our open source community is paramount. We are excited to share this vision with AWS as a launch partner of the Amazon ECR Public.

To view the InfluxDB container images in the new public registry, please visit here.

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