DZone | How To: Building Flux Queries in Chronograf

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Publication: DZone Title: How To: Building Flux Queries in Chronograf Author: David Simmons


Abstract: In this article, IoT Developer Evangelist at InfluxData David Simmons provides a walkthrough of how to build Flux queries in Chronograf. He begins by noting that with each of the latest releases of InfluxDB and Chronograf comes the technical preview of Flux, the new query language for working with time series data. He shows how to convert the queries that he uses to build his dashboard from InfluxQL to Flux. He mentions that he had built, as he discussed in previous posts, an embedded IoT gateway proof-of-concept device that runs the entire TICK Stack and collects data from connected Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LoRa sensors. The dashboard discussed in the article shows the sensor data. He shows how the queries look like in the Chronograf Dashboard Builder today and how to build them using InfluxDB 1.7, Chronograf 1.7, and the new Flux Builder along with the Schema Explorer.

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