DZone | How to Use Google Core IoT With InfluxData

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Publication: DZone Title: How to Use Google Core IoT With InfluxData Author: David G. Simmons

Abstract: This article, published by DZone and written by David G. Simmons, shows how to use Google Core IoT with InfluxData. Simmons begins by noting that InfluxData has been working closely with Cloud Service Providers to make sure that InfluxDB continues to be the go-to Time Series Database for IoT. It’s in this context, he notes, that InfluxData has built a new Telegraf Plugin for Google Core IoT as well as providing a complete end-to-end tutorial on deploying IoT solutions using Google Core IoT and InfluxData. Simmons introduces what the user will need to complete the tutorial, followed by how to setup IoT Core, an overview of InfluxData components, and a walkthrough of how to build and configure Telegraf.


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