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Publication: DZone Title: Writing Logs Directly to InfluxDB Author: Noah Crowley

Abstract: This article, published by DZone and written by Noah Crowley, shows how to write logs directly to InfluxDB for viewing in Chronograf—without syslog or the Telegraf plugin. First, he explains how syslog as a protocol works—it “describes how messages should be formatted and transmitted”—and that when using it with Telegraf, the latter is responsible for accepting messages in syslog format and converting them to line protocol to be written to InfluxDB. In that case, he provides examples of what the schema looks like once data has been written to the database. This explanation shows why it’s similarly possible to write data, that adheres to the schema, directly to the database. Crowley concludes by reminding that InfluxDB works best when large numbers of points are batched up before being sent to the database. Click the button to read the full coverage.


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