Flux Office Hours Scheduled and More Flux Blog Posts Coming Soon

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Flux is InfluxData’s new functional data scripting language designed for querying, analyzing, and interacting with data. We recently launched Flux(0.7) as part of the InfluxDB 1.7 and Chronograf 1.7 released last week. The developers who attended last week’s InfluxDays event in San Francisco got to see Flux in action as well. For the community members who have not had the chance to explore Flux, we are starting two initiatives to bring them up to speed on Flux.

Flux Blog Posts

We will be releasing Flux-focused blog posts which will highlight the capabilities of the language with examples to help users get started. The first post in the series is out already. InfluxData’s Tim Hall (VP - Products) wrote Flux 0.7 Technical Preview which outlines key concepts and walks through executing a query.

More posts are planned and will be coming out over the course of the next several weeks. In addition to the Flux documentation and forums, the posts will be a good source of getting up to speed. So keep an eye on InfluxData’s blog page and look out for Flux-related posts to learn more about Flux.

Flux Office Hours

In addition to the blog posts, we want developers to engage with us and have a dialog. We are bringing our top engineering experts to the table so that users can ask them questions around Flux. The goal is to answer any Flux-related questions and also get community feedback to improve the language.

One of the underlying principles behind Flux is that it is a language which is extensible—contributable and shareable. We want to answer Flux-related questions and at the same time hear from the community on what they would like to be added or enhanced.

Sign Up Today for Flux Office Hours

We have just published the list of Flux Office Hours. Please take a look and sign up for the slot that works for you. If you are interested in more than one slot, you can sign up for multiple slots as well.