Publication: DZone
Title: Four Use Cases Driving Adoption of Time Series Platforms Across Industries
Author: Navdeep Sidhu

Abstract: In this DZone article, Head of Product Marketing at InfluxData Navdeep Sidhu discusses four use cases driving the adoption of Time Series Platforms across industries. Sidhu begins by noting that Time Series Databases are the fastest growing database category and that this growth is spurred by recent technology trends. Then he covers the four use cases behind the growth in Time Series Platforms: DevOps, IoT, Microservices, and Real-Time Analytics. He concludes by observing that “Across industries, there is a realization that organizations should turn to AI/ML-driven smart apps” and that “Time series data platforms that can handle a large number of metrics and events will continue to grow with the requirements of AI, predictive analytics, and newer app architectures.” Click the button to read the full coverage.


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