Get One-Click Access to InfluxData Time Series Platform on Google Cloud

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InfluxData today announced it is newly listed on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace, which offers ready-to-go development stacks, solutions, and services to accelerate development. Now Google Cloud users have one-click access to the industry’s leading Time Series Platform for collection and analysis of metrics and events data for real-time decision making.

This InfluxData and Google Cloud expanded partnership accelerates Time Series Database adoption in the cloud. InfluxData open-source and enterprise editions listed in Google Cloud Marketplace with one-click configurations make Time to Awesome a reality for customers and developers, helping them get value faster by providing automated provisioning mechanisms on their favorite cloud platform.


GCP Marketplace is based on a multi-cloud and hybrid-first philosophy, focused on giving Google Cloud partners and enterprise customers flexibility without lock-in. The Marketplace also helps customers innovate by easily adopting new technologies such as Time Series Platforms, and allows companies to quickly instrument their infrastructure and applications.

Tools in the GCP Marketplace facilitate cloud adoption and seamless cloud application management. InfluxData is a developer tool that delivers value to applications in real time by collecting key metrics that inform developers of performance issues as they arise and helping them act on data collected. Purpose-built Time Series Databases have helped developers already collect important metrics and event data about their applications—making it a part of their cloud solution helps them add this functionality to their solutions faster.

InfluxDB is an ideal database for events and metrics and the preferred solution for use in conjunction with popular Google cloud offerings such as Prometheus and Grafana.

Users can find InfluxData’s new listing at:

  • Simple one-click configuration is available for Telegraf-InfluxData-Grafana VM package using the open source version of InfluxData.
  • A new listing of InfluxData Enterprise (2x8 cluster) is available on Google Cloud Marketplace; Google Cloud customers can use their InfluxData Enterprise license and use a simple 1-click configuration to start processing events and metrics in minutes.
  • In the future, several popular one-click configurations such as the Prometheus-InfluxData-Grafana VM package are also planned for release.

At InfluxData, we believe in choice and interoperability—in enabling customers and developers to utilize the cloud platform of their choice. This new partnership reflects our strategy of supporting all the leading cloud vendors. To learn more or get started today, access InfluxData now with one click in GCP Marketplace.