The New Stack | How, and When, to Deploy Serverless

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Publication: The New Stack Title: How, and When, to Deploy Serverless Author: B. Cameron Gain

Abstract: In this article, published by The New Stack, B. Cameron Gain addresses the question of how and when to deploy serverless platforms, as such platforms become increasingly popular. While acknowledging the advantages of serverless platforms, the author also discusses the hurdles ahead of serverless platforms becoming mainstream. Among the advantages discussed are improving agility and cost savings. Yet, as Gains writes, serverless is not necessarily compatible nor exclusive to Kubernetes or microservices platforms. Quoted in the article is David Simmons, IoT Developer Evangelist at InfluxData, saying that while Kubernetes is used for orchestrating multiple containers in order to deploy large, scalable and complex applications, serverless is appropriate for deploying specific and small functions for an application.


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