The New Stack | How Predefined Dashboards in InfluxData's Chronograf Make Metrics Simple

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Publication: The New Stack Title: How Predefined Dashboards in InfluxData’s Chronograf Make Metrics Simple Author: Katy Farmer

Abstract: In this article, published by The New Stack, InfluxData Developer Advocate Katy Farmer shows hows predefined dashboards in InfluxData’s Chronograf make metrics simple. She introduces her topic by noting that data visualization makes it easier to access metrics. She writes that the latest release of Chronograf (1.7.3) includes improved onboarding that puts data within easy reach. Then she provides a walkthrough of the user experience, from collecting metrics with Telegraf to building the dashboard in Chronograf. She concludes with a quick summary of predefined dashboards available in Chronograf, such as dashboards for metrics from Kubernetes, Redis, Apache and more.

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