InfluxData and the PagerDuty Integration Partner Program

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Today, PagerDuty announced their PagerDuty Integration Partner Program and we are thrilled to be included. They built this program to establish an ecosystem that provides integrations to help their customers innovate and improve operations faster and comprehensively.

InfluxData has long had an integration with PagerDuty, allowing users to collect metrics and events that identify potential issues that can be automatically sent as an alert to on-call staff. With the proper routing and escalation, these issues get resolved quickly and efficiently. To set this up, you use Kapacitor, InfluxData’s processing framework to create alert rules. When the tasks meet the conditions defined, they will trigger the alerts to PagerDuty.

You can configure your Kapacitor TICKscripts directly to send the alerts to PagerDuty or you can use Chronograf, the user interface for Kapacitor to define the rules that will be applied against your time series data. Common configurations include setting thresholds with static ceilings, floors, and ranges, relative thresholds (unit or % changes), or even deadman switches, The Chronograf UI is great since not only can you easily set alerts with various thresholds and data but you can also see a nice table of the alert history.

Chronograf alerts history

This integration works well for a number of use cases like DevOps and IoT monitoring.

Check out our documentation on Kapacitor and Chronograf to learn how to get started now.