Publication: SiliconANGLE
Title: InfluxData bets the company on a market for its time series data platform
Author: Mark Albertson

Abstract: In this SiliconANGLE article, Mark Albertson discusses why InfluxData is “betting that the market for time series technology will become much more significant in a wide range of uses beyond the number of days without rain or the ups and downs of Wall Street.” Alberston quotes InfluxData CEO Evan Kaplan as saying: “What most people don’t realize is how big this space is.” Then the author explains how IoT sensors are driving demand; how InfluxData has responded to the increasing adoption of Kubernetes by rolling out new features to give developers more control and utilization of containers; and how it is focused on developers as evidenced by its growing influence among them. Finally, the article concludes with noting that InfluxData has recently built a relationship with Google and announced a new Telegraf agent for Google’s Cloud IoT Core.


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