Publication: Help Net Security
Title: InfluxData integrates with Google Cloud IoT Core to improve users’ IoT environments

Abstract: This article, published by Help Net Security (, covers InfluxData’s recent announcement about integrating with Google Cloud IoT Core to improve users’ IoT environments with expanded data collection and analysis. The article begins by noting that InfluxData released a Telegraf agent for Google Cloud IoT Core and that Google Cloud IoT Core users can now get insight and analytics from their IoT environments by using InfluxDB to provide insight, improve operational efficiency, and optimize their businesses with real-time decision making and control. Then the article defines each of Cloud IoT Core and Telegraf while mentioning the significance of Telegraf’s open source nature. The article also covers the second part of InfluxData’s recent announcement: that Google Cloud users now have one-click access to InfluxData’s Time Series Platform for collection and analysis of metrics and events data for real-time decision making through InfluxData’s new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace listing.


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