InfluxData Kicks Off InfluxDays North America, Releasing New Features to Expedite Application Building

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InfluxDB enhancements enable developers to get started on building real-time applications quickly and to scale

SAN FRANCISCO, October 26, 2021 – InfluxData, creator of the leading time series platform InfluxDB, today announced new capabilities for developers to expedite application building as part of InfluxDays North America 2021 Virtual Experience, its annual event for customers, partners and developer community. The features are designed to make it easier for developers to collaborate and deliver faster Time to Awesome™ with time series data.

InfluxData CEO Evan Kaplan will kick off InfluxDays by showcasing new InfluxDB capabilities that enable users – from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 organizations – to build real-time applications with time series data. InfluxData Founder and CTO Paul Dix will follow and provide deeper insight into the new features and InfluxData’s commitment to supporting developers at every stage of their journey. The keynotes begin at 9:00 a.m. PT. Watch the Day 1 and Day 2 live streams here.

“We meet developers wherever they are, ensuring they have the tools they need to build transformative applications with time series data,” said Tim Hall, Vice President of Products, InfluxData. “With these updates, InfluxDB can better help developers unlock the value of time-stamped data through a consistent, intuitive, easy-to-use experience. Developer happiness lies at the heart of our innovation strategy so teams can build real-time applications in any way they want.”

“Developers need tools that support a consistent application building experience wherever they are – whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise or both,” said KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, Senior Industry Analyst, RedMonk. “InfluxData’s new capabilities aim to eliminate many of the barriers to application building by creating a more seamless, developer-friendly and productive experience for working with time series data.”

New tools support developers wherever they build applications

InfluxData continues to prioritize developer happiness by delivering new tools that let builders pick the development style that works best for them. InfluxData is now releasing three ways builders can easily write Flux queries, including:

  • InfluxDB Notebooks enhancements: Enable developers to quickly set up an alert, build a task, or write a Flux script so they can start application building without having to leave their browser.
  • Auto-generated Flux queries: Developers can easily compose Flux queries to be included in client code and auto-generated into 10+ languages, allowing teams to quickly check and test code as they collaborate.
  • Flux Visual Studio Code Extension: Delivers a faster way to write Flux scripts, query InfluxDB, create Flux tasks, and manage buckets. The VS Code Flux extension provides expected features like syntax checking and contextual autocomplete for Flux queries, helping developers stay focused on building applications on InfluxDB.

Expanded InfluxDB capabilities to enhance the developer experience

InfluxData is also introducing new InfluxDB Cloud capabilities that create a more integrated and intuitive experience for developers so they can build analytics, IoT, and cloud-native services applications quickly and to scale. New capabilities that InfluxData is announcing today include:

  • Explicit Schema Option: Developers can explicitly define the schema of a bucket within InfluxDB, to safeguard against unwanted changes, ensuring they can continue to run and operate their applications with peace of mind.
  • API Invocable Scripts: API Invocable Scripts allow builders to define parameterized Flux scripts that they can invoke in their applications. Apps powered by API Invocable Scripts are more intuitive by delivering predictive outcomes through triggered automated actions.
  • Flux additions for seamless workflows: Enable developers to send notifications to Alerta, WebEx Teams and ServiceNow, and provide query support for local time zones, including daylight saving time adjustments. Additional performance features help developers deliver results fast.

“InfluxData builds everything with the developer top of mind,” said Dr. Angelo Fausti, Software Engineer, Vera C. Rubin Observatory. “Our work is mission-critical – we’re recording 500 petabytes of image data and measuring the properties of 37 billion stars and galaxies. InfluxDB sits at the center of our technology strategy with its flexible and collaborative platform, and these new features will help us unlock even more insights from our data.”

“The InfluxDB platform has made us a more data-driven and proactive team,” said Martin Moucka, Principal Network Engineer, Red Hat. “These new capabilities will allow us to achieve even greater network visibility and real-time monitoring, and improve the overall performance of our team. InfluxData continues to innovate with the developer in mind so we can build powerful time series data applications.”

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