Influx/Days 2017 Speaker: Emily Nakashima

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Emily NakashimaEmily Nakashima is a full-stack JS developer who loves design, web performance, and metrics and is currently an engineer at Previously she led the dashboard engineering team at Bugsnag, and has experience in full stack development, browser javascript and browser monitoring, also known as “Front end infrastructure” by many. She has regularly been voted “front end developer most likely to be added to the on-call rotation” and in her free time she co-organizes an unconference called AndConf and digs ditches on trail crews.

She has a genuine concern for the user—always looking for ways to understand if they are faced with a broken experience. In her talk at Influx/Days, she will share her experiences in monitoring events that potentially indicate frustration that the users may have with the UI. Easier said than done, as client-side app frameworks like React and Angular JS gain in popularity and engineers are shipping more application logic out to users’ browsers in order to provide a richer user experience. With all this activity within the browser, it can be a challenge to understand what is really happening in the client or the user experience.

But have no fear! Emily will take you on a fast-paced tour of all the strange cases she has seen in browsers in the wild; from overseas proxy sites to rogue browser extensions to console-hacking customers with a sense of humor. Finally, she will talk about how to cut the noise and focus on minimum viable instrumentation to have visibility into the things that really matter to your users’ experiences.

Come join us to listen to Emily’s sage advice and register for Influx/Days 2017! If you bring a friend or colleague, we’ll give you two registrations for the price of one.