InfluxDays London 2018: Steve Moreton Speaking!

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Less than a month away, and we are starting to get pretty excited about InfluxDays London! One great reason is that you will get the chance to see Steve Moreton, Senior Technical Director at CJC, in person. I had the privilege of meeting Steve a few months back, and at that initial meeting, he demonstrated mosaicOA—CJC’s big data visualisation platform used in the capital markets for ITOA (IT Operations Analytics).

mosaicOA is an impressive tool that is used exclusively in the capital markets industry (financial markets) to support real-time data for the infrastructure inside the capital markets. It’s data which comes from places like the New York and London Stock Exchange. One of CJC’s biggest customers has infrastructure in 20 data centers globally, with thousands of servers. Prior to using mosaicOA, these customers were not able to properly manage their mission-critical infrastructure because they couldn’t handle the large data volumes required to do so. They ended up keeping only a small portion of the metrics collected which doesn’t provide the appropriate granularity needed and was no different than guessing.

To overcome this deficiency, CJC chose InfluxDB to be the collection and metrics store behind mosaicOA. To learn more about how mosaicOA is now able to provide the right level of insight, come to InfluxDays London on June 14, 2018 to hear from Steve and see a live demo. Early Registration tickets are still available until May 25,2018.