Publication: APMdigest
Title: InfluxDB 1.7 Adds Query Performance and Data Compaction Enhancements

Abstract: In this article, APMdigest covers InfluxData’s announcement of November 7 regarding the release of InfluxDB 1.7. The new release delivers major query performance and data compaction enhancements to the Time Series Database, which  is used as a data store for use cases involving large amounts of time-stamped data—including DevOps monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data, and real-time analytics. The article notes that open source InfluxDB 1.7 delivers major improvements around query performance and throughput when using the Time Series Index (TSI), which supports large numbers of unique time series data. Tim Hall, InfluxData VP of Products, is quoted as saying: “Performance, data compaction and Time Series Index improvements help InfluxData maintain its leadership position in this category by delivering superior performance and meeting the advanced needs of the developers.”


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