InfluxDB Week in Review - Dec 18, 2015

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In this post we’ll recap the most interesting InfluxDB related content you may have missed in the last two weeks or so.

Blogs, Articles, Docs and How-Tos




XAP logo Gigaspaces - XAP In-Memory Computing Platform XAP is an in-memory computing platform that enables near real-time access and linear scaling for any use case from big data to omni-channel through data replication across sites - enabling millions of transactions per second, with 100% consistency and high availability for your data-intensive apps.

XAP is based on a distributed cache model - so InfluxDB fit perfectly into the XAP architecture. XAP leverages InfluxDB for sending metrics to users from their clusters and diverse channels to better understand how their infrastructure is performing.

cognito logo

CognitoIQ CognitoIQ provides software that enables retail, logistics, courier and facilities management companies that have to manage a large number of field engineers greater fieldforce management and efficiency.

InfluxDB gave CognitoIQ a highly scalable and easily deployable time series database that is used in conjunction with Grafana to collect and visualize their entire collection of metrics for the analysis of deployments and trends.


siminars logo

Siminars Siminars is a content platform which serves all kinds of media like audio, photos, videos etc. InfluxDB helps them manage hundreds of gigabytes of logs to get insights into how their static content delivery system is performing and being experienced by end users. Siminars was looking for a less complex time series database and after having looked at Cassandra and OpenTSDB, InfluxDB stood out for its simplicity. They found the InfluxDB query language to be a very useful tool and easy to learn.


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