InfluxDB Week in Review - January 18, 2016

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In this post we’ll recap the most interesting InfluxDB related content you may have missed in the last week or so.

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ChatID logo


ChatID is an application that e-commerce websites can embed on their site to give customers the opportunity to chat with product experts on product pages. So, if you’re shopping for a Samsung TV on Walmart, you can chat directly with people at Samsung. ChatID is building a network of retailers and brands so that customers can chat with any brand. The brands offering chat can continue to use their existing chat systems because ChatID integrates with most chat providers, i.e. Olark, LivePerson, Salesforce, etc.

ChatID uses InfluxDB to create time series for events sent from their JavaScript application to use in customer analytics and internal monitoring. The most compelling feature for them is the sheer amount of data that InfluxDB can handle and still deliver amazing query performance. ChatID wrote a SQL query generator in Python to be able to compose queries for the different data models they store. Check out their project here:

Newmax Technologies

Newmax develops a product called Maxtrack. Maxtrack is aGPS tracking system for vehicles. They install GPS trackers in the cars and let their owners track them on a map and get reports on fuel, stops and mileage driven. They are currently helping more than 500 clients manage over 800 vehicles. InfluxDB has many features that made it an ideal choice for the Maxtrack system. First, they found InfluxDB to be fast and scalable. Their server receives millions of GPS data points from sensors every second, and InfluxDB handles the load load perfectly. Second, the SQL like query language makes it easy to retrieve data.

Jolt logo


Jolt provides temperature monitoring hardware and cloud based services to restaurants and other similar businesses. InfluxDB has provided Jolt a scalable way to both read and write large amounts of data. Jolt found InfluxDB incredibly easy to setup and easy to use, creating a backend system for temperature data collection and display almost instantly. They also use InfluxDB to chart aggregate operations over large amounts of data very quickly.


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