InfluxDB Week in Review - Mar 28, 2016

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In this post we’ll recap the most interesting InfluxDB related content you may have missed in the last week or so.

Announcements, Blogs, Videos, Articles, Docs and How-Tos


telefonica logo

Telefónica, S.A. is a Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider with operations in Europe, Asia, and North, Central and South America.

Telefonica I+D (Telefonica’s R&D center) has started developing a system to give more metrics-based insights to their private customers about their projects. Telefonica I+D has to manage many R&D projects in parallel. For security purposes, they needed to segregate the metrics data of each project into different databases with access granted to different users. The ability to add any type of metric data (ticketing, work orders, alarms, etc.) to InfluxDB combined with Grafana annotations proved vital in providing a consolidated view of all the relevant metrics data to their customers.


xsellco logo

XSellco helps online merchants sell smarter, respond faster and improve their reputation. They have three products in their suite. Price Manager combines algorithms and your rules to reprice your Amazon inventory in real time, ensuring maximum profitability for minimum effort.

InfluxDB has allowed XSellco to store and report on client metrics with minute-level granularity, but also allows them to roll up the data to view as hour or day period intervals, something their existing relational database just could not do efficiently.


pygmalios logo

Pygmalios Analytics helps companies monitor how customers and staff interact in real-time. Their multiple retail analytics platforms track sales, display conversions, customers and staff behavior to deliver better service, targeted sales, faster check-outs and the optimal amount of staffing for a given time and location.

The features of InfluxDB that Pygmalios Analytics finds the most compelling is the fact that it’s designed for time-series data from the ground up and the ability to downsample data on-the-fly with continuous queries.

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