Announcing InfluxDB Enterprise Beta: Clustering, Monitoring & Data Exploration for InfluxDB

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Today we’re very excited to announce the public beta of InfluxDB Enterprise. This release includes high availability and scale out clustering for InfluxDB along with management features for the cluster, performance monitoring, and an all new Chronograf Data Explorer interface for quickly digging into your time series data. During the beta we’re giving unrestricted cluster sizes and features for testing and preview.

Influx Enterprise Features

The Enterprise release of InfluxDB has features for high availability and scale out clusters with the ability to move data around and restore from outages. An InfluxDB cluster is set up in two tiers: Meta servers and Data servers. The Meta Servers contain all information about the cluster, databases, users, and shards in the cluster. The Data Servers hold all the raw time series data along with metadata for what measurements, fields, and tag key/value pairs exist. The Data Servers are also responsible for handling all queries and writes.

Influx Enterprise clustering has rebalancing functions for moving shards of data from one server to another, giving users the ability to recover downed nodes, expand the cluster, increase the replication factor, or offload historical data to servers with lower priced spinning disk storage. The cluster is also able to add and remove either Data or Meta nodes with a command from the command line.

The Enterprise product has expanded role based access control, giving administrators finer grained control over what users can do on databases and within a cluster.

The Enterprise Web application is a web UI for looking at the performance of the cluster including how many writes and queries are being processed along with average query latency. Enterprise Web also has a screen for looking at long running queries and the ability to kill queries with a single click. User and role management can also be handled from the Web UI.

Finally, the Enterprise Web UI features a brand new version of Chronograf that is focused on data exploration. It gives regular users the ability to drill down in their measurement, tag and field data while drawing multiple graphs on a page and customizing what aggregate functions and which tag key/value pairs show up in the graph. We think it’s an easy way for non-experts to start looking at their time series data on the fly. Administrators can also give users access to this feature without giving them access to the rest of the administrative UI.

For an extend demo of InfluxDB Enterprise, check out the webinar playback from earlier this week here.

Features Coming Soon

While this is the first release, it’s also a beta, so we’ll be adding features along the way. Within the InfluxDB clustering tier, we’ll be adding cluster-wide backup and restore functionality and a well documented HTTP API for performing all cluster and user management functions programmatically.

The Enterprise Web application will be getting new features for performing cluster rebalancing, copying shards from one server to another, entering raw InfluxQL queries and getting graphs and tables, and setting up monitoring and alerting rules within Kapacitor.

We have a bunch planned, but we’re looking for feedback and we’ll be iterating quickly on what our users tell us is most important.

What's next?