Publication: Integration Developer News
Title: InfluxData Launches Enterprise-Class Time Series Solution as a Cloud Service
Author: Vance McCarthy

Abstract: This Integration Developer News article by Vance McCarthy covers InfluxData’s rollout of its enterprise-class serverless time series PaaS with elastic scalability and advanced analytics. The article features an interview with InfluxData CEO Evan Kaplan and InfluxData Director of Product Management Russ Savage, who comment on the significance of this rollout in terms of how its meets market and customer needs. Commenting on the ease of accessibility provided through InfluxDB Cloud 2, which has a wide array of API accessibility options, Savage notes: “Look at APIs for other SaaS systems. For many, it’s really easy to get data in, but difficult to get data out.” Summing up the benefits, Kaplan noted: “InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 provides a cost-disruptive, highly customizable time series platform that allows developers and operators the flexibility they need to scale their applications.”


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