Introducing Another Speaker to InfluxDays NYC 2018 - Sean Porter

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We are pleased to announce that Sean Porter, the creator of Sensu, an open source monitoring tool, and the co-founder and CTO of Sensu Inc., will be speaking at InfluxDays 2018. With over a decade of experience in automating infrastructure, Sean has established a strong belief that monitoring must be a core competency for companies, where the ability to manage infrastructure and detect problems early can and will allow you to beat your competition. Essentially, with monitoring you are able to:

  • Deliver value with software
  • Ensure software availability - downtime is expensive!
  • Have visibility into your systems

However, monitoring everything and alerting on all state changes in your environment will not provide you with an accurate indication of a problem and will only lead to alert fatigue. Sean does a great job going into more detail on this topic in his talk at Sensu Summit 2017, and I recommend you taking a chance to watch it.

At InfluxDays NYC 2018, Sean will be presenting on the topic of “Data Collection & Prometheus Scraping with Sensu 2.0.” In this talk, Sean will talk about how as the number of services increases, teams responsible for them will naturally develop their own preferences, such as how they instrument their code or how and when they receive alerts. He will also demonstrate how Sensu 2.0 is designed to collect monitoring and telemetry data from these heterogeneous environments and store them in InfluxDB. Using Sensu alongside InfluxDB, Sean will go over various patterns of data collection, including scraping Prometheus metrics, and show how Sensu enables self-service data collection for service owners.

If you register before the end of January, you will be able to secure an Early Registration price of only $199. We have also pulled together a list of nearby hotels and transportation options to help you get to the event, hassle-free!