Introducing InfluxData Support

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When learning a new technology stack or language, access to good documentation, tutorials, and support is critical to lower the barrier to adoption and enable users to take advantage of the tools themselves. At InfluxData, we support our users by providing the following resources:

Searching through all of these resources and more, like GitHub issues, can be time-consuming and difficult. In response, the support team at InfluxData has recently created InfluxData Support. It allows you to search for information across all of those resources to help you find answers to your questions faster. You can also filter your search across different resources, InfluxData Products, versions and publish dates.

Screenshot of InfluxData Support

Screenshot of InfluxData Support. Searching for "join" yields resources across docs, GitHub, blogs, and more. Use the menus on the left-hand side to filter for product type, version, publish date and more.

If you’re a paying customer, you can also submit a case and the InfluxData support team will help you.

InfluxData Support homepage

Screenshot of InfluxData Support homepage. Submit a case ticket to the InfluxData support team by clicking on the dropdown menu under your profile after logging in to your account (only available to paying customers).

Include relevant information regarding your problem so that the support team can better assist you. While you create the ticket, resources related to your case will also populate the right side panel, so you can find help immediately while the team takes your case.

InfluxData Support - create ticket

InfluxData Support - create ticket

I hope InfluxData Support helps you find answers to your questions quickly. I encourage you to submit feedback on this tool in our community site or Slack, so we can tailor it to meet your needs.