Latest release of InfluxDB Enterprise delivers improvements to Flux, database backup options and audit logging

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InfluxDB Enterprise 1.9.6 – release notes

Key highlights for this InfluxDB Enterprise release – available here – include:

  • Flux advancement
    • This latest update moves Flux from version 0.131.0 to 0.140.0.
      • Timezone support enhancements including:
        • Added timezone package with fixed offset location.
        • Exposed location functionality to window(), aggregateWindow(), and experimental.window().
        • Added location functionality to the interval package.
        • Added methods to convert time values to and from local clock time.
      • Integration with MQTT Brokers:
      • Notification endpoint enhancements:
      • SQL Integration:
        • Added support for Vertica to the SQL package.
        • Created a BigTable dependency to let Flux mimic or control BigTable API usage.
      • Other enhancements:
        • Added bitwise operations.
        • Added record.get() function to dynamically retrieve record properties.
    • Please join the discussion about Flux via InfluxCommunity or Slack.
  • Backup/Restore improvements 
    • Estimate the size of a backup (full or incremental) and provide progress messages. A new -estimate option has been added to influxd-ctl backup to allow you to request an estimate for the size of a backup (full or incremental). In addition, this option also provides progress messages while the backup is proceeding. It prints the number of files to back up, the percentage of bytes transferred for each file (organized by shard), and the estimated time remaining to complete the backup.
    • Revert damaged meta nodes to a previous state. -meta-only-overwrite-force has been added to influxd-ctl restore to allow you to revert damaged meta nodes in an existing cluster to a previous state when restoring an InfluxDB Enterprise database.
  • Logging enhancements
    • Audit log for meta nodes. When cluster-tracing is enabled as part of the meta node configuration, all API calls to meta nodes are now logged with details providing a detailed audit trail including IP address of caller, specific API being invoked, action being invoked, and more.
    • Log active queries when a process is terminated. We've added a new configuration option for logging. The termination-query-log configuration option, when set to true, logs all running queries when a data node process receives a SIGTERM (for example, a Kubernetes process exceeds the container memory limit or the process is terminated).

There is no corresponding InfluxDB OSS 1.9 release. While we continue to make improvements to the InfluxDB 1.x code base – and these are being included within InfluxDB Enterprise – we are guiding our community users to InfluxDB 2.x at this time. Of course, you can always build InfluxDB 1.x from source code, if you need to. InfluxDB 2.x does include 1.x compatible interfaces to allow for reads and writes using the 1.x API. The latest open source release can be found on our downloads page.

For our InfluxDB Enterprise customers, log in to the InfluxDB Enterprise portal and download the binaries from there. If you need more help? Contact support.

If you find issues or have questions, please join our InfluxDB Community Slack, post them in our InfluxDB GitHub Repo or our Community Site and we will take a look. Thank you.