Publication: Machine Design
Title: Small Companies with Big Ideas Shine at the IoT Solutions World Congress
Author: Bob Vavra

Abstract: In this Machine Design article, Bob Vavra discusses why the next wave of innovation in the IIoT “may not come directly from a major name in the industry space. The next big thing may actually be a small thing from the dozens of start-up software and solutions companies that are all aiming at delivering on IIoT’s promise of a digital factory.” He mentions two challenges such companies are facing: to be heard above the noise of their competitors and to find partnerships who can click their open-source solution to others and form a robust software offering. In this regard, the author quotes InfluxData founder and CTO Paul Dix as saying: “With open source, people at the ground floor of an organization can test things out. From there, you can talk to the vendor and start to build a commercial relationship to manage or run the system.”


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