Mastering Time Series Data Querying: New InfluxDB University Courses on SQL and InfluxQL

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With the release of InfluxDB 3.0, developers now have the flexibility to query their time series data using not just one, but two query languages: InfluxQL and SQL. While InfluxQL has been around for a while, it’s always helpful to have a refresher available when you need it. Seeing that SQL as a native query language is new to version 3.0, having a place to get started can be a lifesaver, especially for people new to time series or InfluxDB.

InfluxDB University now offers quick, on-demand tutorials for getting started with both query languages.

InfluxQL: a SQL-like language with time-specific functions

InfluxQL, a query language specifically designed for time series data, offers a SQL-like syntax with additional time-specific functions. It provides developers with a familiar and intuitive way to interact with their time series data stored in InfluxDB. With InfluxQL, developers can write queries to retrieve, filter, aggregate, and analyze their time series data efficiently. The language’s time-specific functions enable developers to perform calculations and manipulations based on time intervals, making it ideal for time-based analysis and monitoring.

SQL: widely used, versatile query language

InfluxDB 3.0’s support for SQL opens up a world of possibilities for developers familiar with this widely used query language. SQL is known for its versatility and extensive ecosystem, making it a popular choice for querying various types of databases. With the introduction of SQL support in InfluxDB 3.0, developers can leverage their existing SQL skills to query time series data stored in InfluxDB. This allows for seamless integration with other SQL-based tools and workflows, making it easier to incorporate time series data analysis into existing data pipelines.

The new courses

These training modules follow a similar format, introducing key concepts, language syntax, and practical examples to get started querying your time series data.

Data Querying Basics - InfluxQL

Data Querying Basics - SQL

Whether you prefer the SQL-like syntax of InfluxQL or the more traditional SQL, these courses offer training and practical applications to enhance your time series data querying skills.

Enroll today and take your data querying abilities to new heights with InfluxDB University!