Meet the InfluxData Summer 2022 Interns

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We have a wonderful group of interns who have joined us for our InfluxData summer internship program and we want to take a moment to introduce them and share a bit about what they’re working on this summer.

Alex Wang


Alex is currently attending Stanford and is a rising sophomore. He’s excited to be working on the UI team, especially because it’s part of the stack that he hasn’t learned about yet. Since he’s joined, Alex has enjoyed learning about the procedures used doing software development in an actual company, as his previous experience has been in school or personal. He also has enjoyed learning more about the frontend. In his spare time, Alex loves to travel, do fitness, be with friends and eat good food.

Andrew Depke


Andrew is currently attending the Colorado School of Mines and is a senior. He’s on the Automation/Compute team and is currently working on invokable scripts and internal tooling. Since he’s joined, Andrew has learned all about Kubernetes! He says he’s never touched any cloud infrastructure prior to joining the team and now he thinks he’s got a pretty decent grasp on how everything works together. Andrew is a huge skier and loves to play tennis whenever he can. He’s also a total nerd for light transport simulation and real-time rendering.

Andrew Lee


Andrew is currently attending the University of Utah and is a senior. He’s on the Edge team and is currently working on porting the 1.x InfluxQL shell into 2.x with new features like fancy table formatting and autocompletion. Since he’s joined, Andrew has learned a lot about the process of software development, making sure things are well-tested and thoroughly reviewed, and using internal feedback to refine user experience in new features. Andrew loves sports and lately he’s been playing lots of soccer and spikeball. He’s also working on building a DIY audio guestbook (for wedding receptions) out of a retro telephone.

Cecilia Li


Cecilia is currently attending San Jose State University and graduates in May 2023. She’s on the People Operations team and is currently working on learning different Human Resource Management platforms, working on employee benefits projects, learning recruiting processes, utilizing different recruiting platforms, learning how to source candidates and working on building a DE&I program. In her spare time, Cecilia enjoys photography, videography, hiking, running and playing tennis.

David Rusnak


David is an incoming senior at Cornell University. He’s on the UI team and has enjoyed learning about frontend development on an industry level. In his spare time, David loves to play piano, play video games and work on cars.

Neema Sadry


Neema is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Computer Science from Wayne State University College of Engineering. He’s working with the Ecommerce team to build a General Marketplace Simulator. Since joining the team, Neema has learned about the backend codebase, system design and architecture, and how to collaborate effectively with a great team. In his spare time, Neema enjoys practicing the piano, exercising, learning new languages, and playing board games with his friends.

Ian Dong


Ian is currently pursuing his Master’s degree at UC San Diego and will be graduating in December 2022. He’s on the Services team and is currently working on various features and fixes in the backend of the InfluxData Platform Enterprise product, and learning a lot about the codebase and development process. In his spare time, Ian has been playing beach volleyball and tennis, doing a bit of reading and exploring Chicago (where he’s staying for the summer).

Rahul Sivakkannan


Rahul is currently pursuing his Master’s degree at New York University and will be graduating in 2023. He’s on the Flux team and is currently working on an algorithm that can downsample incoming timestamped data points. Since joining, Rahul has enjoyed working in our very chill environment with teammates who are super helpful and with plenty of room for quality learning and enjoyment. In his spare time, Rahul likes to sing, play the guitar and play cricket.

Rushil Shah


Rushil is currently pursuing his Master’s degree at San Jose State University. He’s on the E-commerce team and is currently working on a General Marketplace Simulator. Since he’s joined, Rushil has learned about system design and codebase architecture. Rushil likes to read in his spare time, mainly novels and some tech blogs and articles.

Tyler Nguyen


Tyler is currently attending the University of California, Irvine and graduates in 2024. He’s on the Developer Relations team and is currently writing the first article exploring the rich features of InfluxDB. Since he’s joined, Tyler has enjoyed working on Flux code. In his free time, Tyler enjoys cinematography, mountain biking and automotive racing.

Weston Tuescher


Weston is currently attending the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and is in the fourth year of an integrated Master’s program. He’s on the Flux team and is currently working on designing a new repo for the Flux language that will be integrated with the Flux LSP to provide a better way to interact with the Flux language directly. Since he’s joined, Weston has learned a lot of Go and Rust and what it takes to design a language. He’s enjoyed being able to have the creative freedom to look into how he wants to implement things. He’s also enjoyed taking the time to learn so many things and working with the Flux team and how helpful they all have been. In his free time, Weston loves to travel, listen to and play music and cook.