Today we’ve made Kapacitor, the project for monitoring and alerting on time series data, available on our AWS backed InfluxData InfluxCloud offering. Existing and new InfluxCloud customers can now add a fully managed instance of Kapacitor starting at $200 per month.

Using Kapacitor’s API, users can create and enable TICKscripts on our cloud. Here’s an example that will send an alert to Slack if CPU utilization is > 95% for more than two minutes. It performs this check every 10 seconds.

        .crit(lambda: "value" > 95)
        // Only alert if all points in the window match the criteria.

Alerts can be configured based on moving averages, outliers, missing data (known as a dead man’s switch) and many other criteria. See the Kapacitor documentation for more examples and details on how it works.

What’s next

  • Deploy on the Cloud: Get started with a FREE trial of InfluxData InfluxCloud featuring fully-managed clusters, Kapacitor and Grafana.
  • Check out our videos: We have videos on a number of topics, including Kapacitor on the Cloud
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