Jax | More containers means we need better system visibility

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Publication: Jax (jaxenter.com)
Title: More containers means we need better system visibility
Author: Mark Herring

Abstract: In this Jax article, InfluxData CMO Mark Herring discusses the challenge of system visibility as containers increasingly become the foundation of modern computing. He begins by noting that the shift from a hardware-centric style of computing to a virtualized world has created a need for better visibility into what is happening inside containers, pods, and node clusters and writes that “capturing and analyzing the metrics that matter becomes an essential step to managing the environment”. Through the course of the article, Herring explains why capturing metrics is difficult in a container-based infrastructure, why managing metrics storage should be done properly, and how new data platforms meet the needs of modern architectures. After showing how modern data platforms are constructed to support time series data, he concludes by outlining concrete steps that developers can take to maximize the benefits of the metrics in their applications.


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