My Incredible Experience at InfluxData

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Lucas Anzoategui InfluxData

It was very nerve-racking to start an internship in the middle of a pandemic. I had no idea what to expect and was worried how I would transition into my role to help the team. Even without the pandemic, starting anything new for the first time is always nerve- racking because there are so many questions and scenarios that we tend to play out in our heads.

Welcoming environment

It only took one day for all my worries to go away. The team that was made up of: Chris, Caitlin, Emily, Morea and Cat made my first day feel extremely welcoming and didn’t let Zoom hold anything back. They were all extremely nice and were very straightforward with what their expectations were gonna be.

Another really cool way that InfluxData used to help make me feel more welcomed to the community was a weekly meeting with all of the other interns where we would have special guest speakers to learn more about the company and some days do fun activities like virtual escape rooms. It was nice to see the company really try and immerse all of the interns together and form some sort of relationship during these times. It’s going the extra mile that makes me feel that InfluxData is different from most companies and really wants to form a tight community.

Skills gained

The knowledge I have gained from this internship is indescribable. Learning tools like Marketo and Wrike have greatly increased my knowledge on how data is collected and how much staying ahead and organized matters. I spent a lot of my time working on revamping the customer pages and going through old media feeds, seeing which ones brought in the most traffic and engagements. I really enjoyed this because it introduced me to hundreds of companies that I didn’t know about and got to learn a lot about them and why they chose InfluxData.

My time at Influx has taught me a lot, and I know I will use these skills throughout my time in the workforce. I couldn’t be more grateful to have helped and worked for a better company and group of people. They were all very willing to answer my questions and help me and did it in a very clear and respectful way.

Final message

This was an incredible experience, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity. I can’t thank the members of the Marketing team enough for making me feel welcomed into their community. InfluxData has a very special work environment, and I strongly believe this is why the company is growing so quickly.