Nathaniel Cook to Present at InfluxDays NYC 2018

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Nathaniel Cook is the lead developer on Kapacitor, the real-time streaming data processing engine of the TICK Stack. He started his career as an operations engineer, trying to make data do the hard work of monitoring and managing large-scale SaaS products. Along the way, he learned some data science and machine learning and put them to use detecting anomalies in time series data.

Nathaniel is passionate about data - as you can see for yourself in one of his talks where he demonstrates how you can forecast time series data at scale with the TICK Stack.

We are delighted to let you know that Nathaniel will be speaking at InfluxDays NYC on the topic of Kapacitor—specifically how you can use Kapacitor to process data before you store it in InfluxDB. He will also cover a set of best practices for you to implement around anomaly detection and machine learning as well as discuss how to configure the clustered version of Kapacitor Enterprise.

It is still January, which means Early Registration price is still available at $199 - so don’t wait - register now for a chance to hear Nathaniel speak in person!