Publication: IoT Innovator
Title: New InfluxData Platform Release Offers LDAP Integration, Analytics and Self-Healing Capabilities in Time Series Line
Author: Anna Ribeiro

Abstract: In this IoT Innovator article, Anna Ribeiro covers InfluxData’s recent announcement about its latest platform release. The new release of InfluxDB Enterprise delivers LDAP integration, new advanced analytics and self-healing capabilities in the leading time series database platform. Referring to the announcement, Ribeiro notes that “the increasing complexity of systems is driving the need for observability since even a small improvement in system behavior can have a significant impact on the bottom line.” This new release of InfluxDB Enterprise, she mentions, makes it easier for administrators to keep mission critical data available and secure by checking and verifying every requested action. The InfluxData Platform provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to accumulate metrics and events data, analyze the data, and act on the data via powerful visualizations and notifications.


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