CIO | 5 imperatives for CIOs in this "measure everything" era

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Publication: CIO Title: 5 imperatives for CIOs in this ‘measure everything’ era Author: Mark Herring

In this CIO article, InfluxData CMO Mark Herring discusses the factors that a successful CIO, in the new age of instrumentation, will need to embrace to be successful. The ‘measure-everything’ era has introduced new requirements to the CIO role such as “finding actionable insights in the vast amount of data coursing through your company’s measurement systems, and the ability to act on those insights while they still matter.” Herring proceeds to cover the 5 imperatives for CIOs in this new era: focusing on your constituents’ revenue-producing activities; providing real insights and not just reports; creating systems that allow constituents to act while it still matters; investing in systems with the flexibility to grow and evolve; and enabling your company to be a data-driven business.

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