RFID Journal | Age of Instrumentation Creates Unprecedented Business Opportunity

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Publication: RFID Journal Title: Age of Instrumentation Creates Unprecedented Business Opportunity Author: Mark Herring

Abstract: In this RFID Journal article, InfluxData CMO Mark Herring discusses how companies that capitalize on the data-driven opportunities made possible by the Age of Instrumentation can gain a competitive edge. The author notes how enterprises have the opportunity to capture and analyze new data streams to gain business insight, which can drive informed decision-making and major competitive advantage. Herring profiles the use case of BBOXX, which develops and manufactures products to provide affordable, clean solar energy to off-grid communities in the developing world. BBOXX deployed an advanced Time Series Database from InfluxData as its sensor-monitoring engine to store, visualize and analyze the millions of battery sensor readings in real time. He concludes by discussing how Time Series Databases for metrics and events are proving to be optimized for delivering business value from a variety of data streams.

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