Title: How Data Drives the Business of a Clean Energy Company
Author: Mark Herring

Abstract: In this article, InfluxData CMO Mark Herring discusses how BBOXX—a new generation utility company that develops clean renewable solar energy products for developing countries—is addressing such countries’ reliance on kerosene. Herring notes that not only is the light source from kerosene insufficient, but burning kerosene is also harmful to individual health and the environment.

The BBOXX team has developed its own “Battery Box,” a solar-powered battery box that powers lights and appliances for rural Africa. Since BBOXX describes itself as a service company, not a technology company, it focuses on being a data-driven company. This meant that BBOXX needed access to real-time data at its core, which presented another set of challenges. Click the “Read full coverage” button for the full story.

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