Power | Why Open Source Works for the Renewable Energy Sector

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Publication: Power (powermag.com) Title: Why Open Source Works for the Renewable Energy Sector Author: Chris Churilo

Abstract: In this Power magazine article, InfluxData Director of Product Marketing Chris Churilo discusses how scalable software solutions built with open-source tools are contributing to renewable energy sector growth. She notes that such tools are being used to help renewable energy companies optimize day-to-day operations and reduce costs. She covers how technology improves processes and the role of data in equipment monitoring. Churilo also highlights the particular challenges that renewable energy operators face and shows why “open source is at the heart of innovation in organizations as it allows developer teams to quickly bring ideas to fruition faster.” She concludes with citing the use case of how Factry helped Belgian biomass plant A&S Energie replace its existing historian with Factry Historian—powered by open-source InfluxDB—to improve efficiency and make all data continuously available.


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