The New Stack | Why Serverless vs. Kubernetes Isn't a Real Debate

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Publication: The New Stack Title: Why Serverless vs. Kubernetes Isn’t a Real Debate Author: David Simmons

Abstract: In this article, published by The New Stack, InfluxData IoT Developer Evangelist David Simmons shows why successfully deploying Kubernetes or serverless alternatives depends on knowing when and how to decide which offers the best fit. First, he tackles the “whys of Kubernetes”, covering what it was designed for and ongoing pain points in adopting a fully container-based architecture. Then he discusses the nature of serverless architectures, also known as Functions as a Service (FaaS), noting their advantages while acknowledging that they are not likely to replace containerized applications. Simmons concludes by noting that “Often the movement from one architecture to another signals the end of the first implementation,” but that “this is not always the case.” Read the full article by clicking the button below.


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