The New Stack | Open Source's Evolution in Cloud Native Devops

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Publication: The New Stack Title: Open Source’s Evolution in Cloud Native Devops Author: B. Cameron Gain

Abstract: This article, published by The New Stack andw ritten by B. Cameron Gain, addresses the evolution of open source tools, “which continue to serve as the underlying cornerstone of cloud native DevOps patterns and practices.” The article quotes industry experts and senior executives on this evolution, what is driving it, and where it’s heading. Among those quoted is InfluxData Head of Product Marketing Navdeep Siddhu. Siddhu notes that while some of the legacy open source-powered toolchains—such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and others—continue to play a critical role in the open source movement, the status quo can quickly change: “But while some of these legacy apps are simply being moved to the cloud, a significant number are seeing open source-powered replacements. At InfluxData, we’ve observed this change, as our platform is used for monitoring the newly built cloud apps and also the DevOps toolchains…We are also starting to notice the use of open source-powered workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any cloud infrastructure for any application.”


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