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Ruth Busbee

InfluxData Reaches 300 Customer Milestone

Movement to Modern Time Series Platform Accelerates Growth San FranciscoJune 28, 2017InfluxData, the modern open source platform built from the ground up for metrics and events, is excited to celebrate 300 customers using InfluxData since its release nine months ago. InfluxData...

Evan Kaplan

IoT Revolution, Smart Systems, and Our Planet

When people think of self-driving cars and the IoT Revolution, their thoughts turn to the very real, first-person experience: What will it be like to trust a machine to drive? Will it be safe? What if my car is hacked, or...

Jack Zampolin

Draft for Kubernetes - A Prototyping Tool

Overview Draft for Kubernetes is a tool to help prototype microservices and expose them on a publicly available domain. This makes quickly iterating on things like webhooks or APIs quick and painless. Draft utilizes docker, Helm, and Kubernetes Ingress Controllers to make your...

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