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Josh Powers

Apple M1 and RISC-V Support for Telegraf

Telegraf is the open-source server agent to help you collect metrics from your stacks, sensors, and systems. Telegraf supports almost a dozen architectures across Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and Windows operating systems. With the release of Telegraf v1.21.2, InfluxData is excited to...

Balaji Palani

New API Tokens UI

InfluxDB Cloud allows users to create API tokens that are used for authentication and authorization to sets of resources when interacting with our API. We recently made changes to the user interface so that after generating a token, you will need...

Charles Mahler

5 Dashboard Design Best Practices

This article was originally published in The New Stack and is reposted here with permission.  In an increasingly data-driven world, the ability to summarize and display data while making it easy to understand and actionable is more important than ever. Dashboards...

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