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Josh Powers

Plugin Spotlight: Exec & Execd

Telegraf comes included with over 200+ input plugins that collect metrics and events from a comprehensive list of sources. While these plugins cover a large number of use cases, Telegraf provides another mechanism to give users the power to meet nearly...

Barbara Nelson

Notebook Sharing

It’s that season of sharing, and in the spirit of sharing, we have a new feature to share with you – notebook sharing. Now you can take your favorite InfluxDB notebooks and share them with whoever you would like. They don’t...

Samantha Wang

Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.20.4

A new maintenance release for Telegraf is available now. Telegraf 1.20.4 – Release Notes This maintenance release of Telegraf includes the following improvements and linter fixes for plugins/inputs/[h-o] (Thank you Pawe?!). Builds Removed Modbus Input Plugin from the build on OpenBSD. The...

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