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A Guide to Installing Node-RED

Node-RED is an innovative open-source visual programming tool that has gained immense popularity for its ability to simplify the development of event-driven applications, automation workflows, and seamless integration of various services and devices. Leveraging the power of Node.js, Node-RED offers a...


How to Convert Timestamp to DateTime in Python

At some point in your developer journey, you’ve probably encountered working with dates and timestamps in Python. It’s essential to understand the concepts around dealing with date and time data so you can manipulate these data types the way you want....


GitOps: An Introductory Guide

This post was written by Pete Osah, a software developer who is familiar with web technologies, passionate about new software technologies, and keen on developing ways to pass knowledge to others in a simple manner. Thanks to new technologies, developers can...


How to Use MQTT in Node-RED

Traditional communication methods struggle to ensure efficient, reliable, real-time data exchange within IoT systems, leading to suboptimal performance, data loss, and overall inefficiency. Conventional protocols cannot meet the demands of low bandwidth, intermittent connectivity, and the need for instant response. Paired...

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