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Josh Powers

Storing Secrets with Telegraf

Telegraf is an open source plugin-driven agent for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing time series data. Telegraf relies on user-provided configuration files to define the various plugins and flow of this data. These configurations may require secrets or other sensitive data....

Jason Myers

A Strategic Approach to Replacing Data Historians

Recently, I wrote an article discussing why industrial organizations should migrate from legacy data historians to modern, open source technologies. The reasons for such a migration remain valid; however, it dawned on me that such a heavy-handed approach is not always...


Python Date Comparison: A Comprehensive Tutorial

This post was written by Juan Reyes. Scroll down to view the author’s bio. Python is a versatile programming language used widely for various tasks, including manipulating and comparing dates. This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through different techniques for comparing...

Josh Powers

Telegraf 1.27 Release Notes

A new feature-bearing release for Telegraf is now available: Telegraf 1.27 — Release notes You can find the binaries for the latest Telegraf release on our Downloads page. Many thanks to all the open source community members who contributed to this...

Jessica Wachtel

Optimize Industrial IoT Data with InfluxDB and AWS

The modern factory’s relationship with data is experiencing a major change. Data now shapes the future rather than only telling the story of the past. The language inside the factory sounds like higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as the result of...

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