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How to Get the Current Date and Time in SQL

This article was written by Pius Aboyi. Scroll down for the author’s bio. SQL databases have several functions that reduce the complexity of working with date and time. Using these functions and a date and time type column, you can depend...


IoT Sensors: What They Are and How to Use Them

This article was written by Rhuan Souza. Scroll down for the author’s bio. For a very long time, businesses in various industries have been using smart sensors. However, with the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), their significance has increased....


What Is eBPF? An Introductory Guide

This post was written by Suleiman Abubakar Sadeeq. Scroll down to view the author’s bio. It’s sometimes necessary to modify the core of an OS — for example, to create more flexibility or allow custom code to run on the OS....

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