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Samantha Wang

Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.13.4

A new maintenance release for Telegraf is available now. Telegraf 1.13.4  release notes This maintenance release of Telegraf includes improvements to the following plugins: Official packages now built with Go 1.13.8. Agent Fixed an issue of inconsistency with input error counting Prometheus Input...

Russ Savage

Release Announcement: Chronograf 1.8.0

A new feature release for Chronograf is now available. Chronograf 1.8.0 release notes This release of Chronograf includes the following features and fixes: Chronograf can now be configured to store its metadata in etcd instead of boltdb. This means multiple Chronograf...

Caitlin Croft

Where in the World is Flat Mark?

InfluxData has team members spread across the world and as a result, sometimes we travel to connect with team members. We all have varied backgrounds, embrace our differences and love working together to achieve our goals. Flat Mark is one of...

Tim Hall

Release Announcement: InfluxDB OSS 1.7.10

A new maintenance release for InfluxDB OSS is available now. InfluxDB 1.7.10 release notes This maintenance release of InfluxDB OSS includes the following fixes: Fix to address corrupt TSM data file renaming failure. When the InfluxDB engine detects a corrupt TSM...

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