ZDNet | Processing time series data: What are the options?

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Publication: ZDNet Title: Processing time series data: What are the options? Author: George Anadiotis

Abstract: This ZDNet article by George Anadiotis discusses the options available for processing time series data, especially in the context of Google’s recent announcement of its Cloud Inference API to uncover insights from time series data. The author begins with referencing the definition of time series and with raising the question of how time series data can be processed apart from using streaming frameworks. Quoted in this article is InfluxData Head of Product Marketing Navdeep Sidhu, who says with regard to Google’s offering: ”We are as excited as they are in seeing the platform get adopted and how it evolves as real usage patterns emerge. Google’s market presence and technical acumen will ensure that this platform will be widely used.” Click the button to read the full coverage.


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